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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Hey psychopaths! Get a fucking life! (and please don't murder me, I don't wanna die!)

Everyday is a new craziness. Personally, I don't think society is more dangerous or more violent than any other century ... I mean we had two World Wars in the previous century which were pretty violent ... so, yeah, I think our current society is still WAY LESS violent than any previous epoch.

With the rise of media, where all situations are amplified and in many cases recorded for people to view ... it does at times feel like we live in the most violent era instead of the least violent era of history.

That's fine. Media is doing their job of reporting the facts of the matter, more power to them. Do I think the attention given to psychopaths leads to copy-cat attacks though? Yes, I do, I wrote about that once I think too:

This one: Too Much Media Attention for Crazies?

I still think if there was more attention on the victims and interviews with the victim's families in the aftermaths of these events that it would be more professional than obsessing over why a psychopath did psychopathic things. I think giving a spotlight to these people leads to copy-cat attacks.

The other thing that is stupid about these events is the instant politicization of them for some political agenda. Donald Trump tweeted a congratulatory self pat-on-back after a recent event, saying "I told you so - shoulda listened to me" type thing. I don't think patting yourself on the back after a mass murder is a normal thing to do, I don't think the politicization of these attacks is intelligent either.

Basically, what happens now is after one of these everyone sits tight and waits for the information to come out on what background the crazy is and you get people sitting at home all like ....

All White People: "I hope it wasn't a white dude, it's gonna make us all look bad."
All Black People: "I hope it wasn't a black dude, it's gonna make us all look bad."
All Arab People: "I hope it wasn't a arab dude, it's gonna make us all look bad."
All Whatever Else People: "I hope it wasn't a whatever else dude, it's gonna make us all look bad."

I think psychopaths belong to their own group and it's called Psychopaths. People have to remember just still how rare these events are even though they are magnified more than other eras. I don't think a Psychopath is a good representative of a community of folks ... except as a rep for other Psychos.


I was reading some articles the other day on stats of the events of mass shootings. Trying to apply some sort of science to understand it.

Articles like this one: http://acsh.org/news/2016/07/03/predicting-who-will-become-mass-shooters/

The stats for mass shootings in America plot the Psychopaths as so:

95% are Male.
66% are White.
50% are over 30 years of age.

Women rarely do it, white folks are the leaders by far (but since 70% of America is white this makes sense), and most of the people are over 30 years of age.

The shooters are always lonely, violent, angry people who blame the world for their problems. That's the facts, the "backgrounds" of these people are incredibly similar. At this point we know what these people are. They are very violent psychopaths that cannot cope with the stress of life. That's what they are, in every single case. They are crazy fools.

With the most recent case in Nice, everyone is all over the the Muslims again, and look I'm not religious and actually don't like organized religion and surely am not a big huge fan of the Islam, but it's not entirely warranted.

The man in Nice fits the above mold, a Male over 30, who was isolated and unable to cope with stress. People said he drank, did drugs, and ate pork ... so I'm pretty sure he wasn't a very devout Muslim. Did he probably read some dopey ISIS shit on the internet? Yeah, probably. Most shooters are into conspiracy theories and other wackiness.

I don't think people like this represent the Arab population, I do not think so. I don't even think ISIS/ISIL itself represents the Arab population. ISIS/ISIL is a band of drug dealing bandits, and most Arabs HATE them more than we do. They hate them more than we do because they have to live with them and deal with them more frequently than we do.

Every community has their bandits. The Italians have the mafia, the Whites have the hell's angels and others, the Blacks have their street gangs, the chinese have the triad, and everyone else has their drug dealing murderous bandits.

We don't seem to make bandits the identifying face of other communities though. Arabs seem really defined by their bandits in this current age ... but you'd never see Trump or anyone on stage saying things like ...

"Until this Mafia thing is stopped ... we gotta deport all Italians."


"Until this Hell's Angels thing is stopped ... we gotta deport all White People."


"Until this Chicago Street Gang thing is stopped ... we gotta deport all Black People."

You wouldn't hear that about other groups ... but you hear that all the time about Arabs. Arabs are defined by their bandits. But, similarly to other communities ... the amount of bandits amongst their peoples is a very very very small percentage ... and believe me, Arabs hate their bandits way more than we do ... because they have to deal with them every single day.

Copy Cats

I still believe the media attention surrounding these events leads to more events. Humans are so much dumber than you think. They are monkey-see and monkey-do creatures more than you can ever believe. Other psychos see this attention and go "Hey, that could be ME they are talking about!", these are physically isolated, mentally isolated, impressionable people who desperately seek attention.

The media attention given to these psychopathic pieces of garbage is insane.

Two high profile psycho murders that happened in my area were made into movies ... Polytechnique, and Karla. Why? Do people want to watch a movie about this? Why? What for. So now pyschos not only get around the clock media attention ... but now they get Movies made about them too? How famous should they be?

Honestly, I don't think either of those two movies should have gotten made. It's not like any of the profits were donated to victims families either .... so not only did they make the killers more famous ... the film makers profited off of the events for their own financial gain. Good for fucking you.

Good people deserve bio-pics ... not bad people. Make a movie about the person who invented the telephone, or make a movie about the guy who invented the airplane or something .... don't make movies about these stupid psychos.


Everyone wants to know what was "going on in these people's heads" , well the obsession can end now because I'll tell you ....

.... These psychopaths are just childish, spoiled bratty people who want fame. They have no respect for anyone or anything but themselves. They are horrible people who do not deserve movies made about them. Why did they do it? Because they suck. There ... case closed.

They are not representative of whatever race or religion or background they are from. The only "race" or "religion" they represent is that of Psychopaths.

In conclusion, please don't murder me or anyone else Crazy People. You're a buncha stupid assholes.